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Comment on Renting and gardening

Renting and gardening

Posted on Tuesday 15th of May 2018

The action a tenant needs to take in relation to a garden should be clearly set out in the tenancy agreement. Tenants should always read the tenancy agreement before signing it and if you have any questions ask your potential landlord beforehand. Generally speaking, a tenant should be expected to keep a garden neat, including paths, lawn and flowerbeds and to return the garden in the same condition as at check in. The garden should be seen as an extension house. The same principle as the...Read More

Comment on I don't know if my deposit has been protected - what should I do?

I don't know if my deposit has been protected - what should I do?

Posted on Monday 14th of May 2018

How do I know if my deposit has been protected? Your landlord has 30 working days from the tenancy start date to transfer your deposit to a government-approved tenancy deposit scheme, and provide you with particular key information. The key information should include the name and contact details of the tenancy deposit scheme which protects your money. After they have received your deposit, the scheme will also send you a deposit protection certificate to confirm your money is...Read More

Comment on Withholding Rent

Withholding Rent

Posted on Friday 11th of May 2018

Not all tenancies run smoothly, sometimes things can go wrong. You may think about withholding rent in order to force your landlord to do something, such as repairs. You may think that withholding rent is justified if you feel you have been unfairly treated. Whatever the circumstance and however you feel, withholding rent is always a risky option. Tenant and landlord responsibilities A fundamental part of the tenancy agreement is the tenant's obligation to pay rent to live...Read More

Comment on Can the adjudicator consider a counter-claim against the landlord?

Can the adjudicator consider a counter-claim against the landlord?

Posted on Thursday 26th of April 2018

As a tenant you pay a deposit as a promise you will follow the terms and obligations in the tenancy agreement (you need to: make sure the property is as clean when you move out as it was when you moved in, no damage the property or its contents, to pay the rent etc.). If you don't stick to these terms, your landlord may wish to make a claim against your deposit. If your landlord does make a claim and you disagree, you can refer the dispute to our free adjudication service. SafeDeposits...Read More

Comment on How do I make sure my tenancy runs smoothly?

How do I make sure my tenancy runs smoothly?

Posted on Friday 20th of April 2018

One of the most common reasons that people come to Shelter Scotland for help with is disputes between tenants and landlords. These represented 10% of all the cases we saw in 2016-17, and 20% of the cases from people who live in the private rented sector (PRS). Even more staggeringly, 46% of all the people who came to us for help were living in the PRS - a group that only makes up 14% of all households in Scotland. So, what can you do, as a tenant, to ensure...Read More

Comment on 430% more English landlords operating in Scotland since 2012

430% more English landlords operating in Scotland since 2012

Posted on Thursday 12th of April 2018

At SafeDeposits Scotland, we regularly analyse the data we hold to take the temperature of the private rented sector and to look out for trends. We recently looked at where landlords were in relation to the properties they rented and noticed an interesting pattern. Since SafeDeposits was founded in 2012, there has been a dramatic increase in landlords living in England and renting property in Scotland. In 2012, 260 landlords based in England registered deposits on Scottish tenancies,...Read More

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