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Free registration of tenancy deposits in Scotland from our offices in Glasgow.
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SafeDeposits Scotland Blog

Comment on Increasing sales through your property management website

Increasing sales through your property management website

Posted on Monday 5th of September 2016

Sitting at your computer, coffee in hand, you need a new contractor. A short Google search later and you click through the first few links that appear at the top of the page. Is the first call you make to the cleanest, most attractively designed website? If this is the case, then you need to think in the same way about what is happening when your existing customers recommend your own business to their friends and family. Website layouts, fonts and image styles change with fashion and it is...Read More

Comment on Five Common Invoice or Quote Mistakes

Five Common Invoice or Quote Mistakes

Posted on Monday 22nd of August 2016

In this edition of our 'Five Common… Mistakes' blog series, we're talking about common mistakes when submitting an invoice or quote as evidence: 1. Essential details missing An invoice or quote is necessary to substantiate the amount claimed for, but it's important that essential details, including the date and address of the property, are included. If an invoice or quote is missing this information, it could be argued that it may be for another property or...Read More

Comment on Avoiding common inventory pitfalls

Avoiding common inventory pitfalls

Posted on Wednesday 10th of August 2016

The recent “Five Common... Mistakes” blog series concerning inventories, photo evidence and communication highlight a range of important issues for landlords and letting agents. Moray Watson, the Business Development Consultant for iSurvey Property Inspector for Scotland, has advice on how to produce your inventories and other reports while avoiding these common pitfalls: Issue 1: An unclear inventory Unclear reports don't provide a fair reference point for tenants and...Read More

Comment on July adjudication digest: Say goodbye to stains

July adjudication digest: Say goodbye to stains

Posted on Monday 18th of July 2016

The adjudication digest takes a recent decision by a SafeDeposits adjudicator and sets out the reasons behind it. We hope that you will find these digests informative in understanding how we reach our adjudication decisions. This blog post is for guidance only – it is not intended to guarantee when an award will be made. Each dispute is different and the actual award made will be based on our interpretation of the specific evidence presented to us. Say goodbye to...Read More

Comment on Five Common Communication Mistakes

Five Common Communication Mistakes

Posted on Tuesday 12th of July 2016

In this edition of our 'Five Common… Mistakes' blog series, we're talking about communication mistakes landlords, letting agents and tenants often make: 1. Not updating the check-in report When you move in, you should immediately inspect the condition and cleanliness of the property and update your check-in report if anything is damaged, worn out or dirty. In the excitement of moving in, a scuff on the wall or grubby bath seal might not seem important, but, if...Read More

Comment on Something to celebrate

Something to celebrate

Posted on Friday 1st of July 2016

This month we're marking four years since SafeDeposits Scotland launched but we're not just celebrating our own anniversary, we're marking the birth of the tenancy deposit scheme in Scotland. We set up in June 2012 in response to the Scottish Government passing laws to give Scottish tenants and landlords security in dealing with deposits. These government-backed Scottish tenancy deposit schemes hadn't existed before. So happy birthday to Scottish landlords and...Read More