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Comment on Five Common Photo Evidence Mistakes

Five Common Photo Evidence Mistakes

Posted on Monday 20th of June 2016

In this edition of our 'Five Common... Mistakes' blog series, we're taking a closer look at the mistakes landlords, letting agents and tenants often make when submitting photos as evidence: 1. Relying on photos entirely While photos can support a claim, they can't replace a written check-in and check-out report. A side-by-side comparison of written reports should clearly show if the property's condition or cleanliness has changed during the tenancy, but it's unlikely...Read More

Comment on April adjudication digest: Dealing with a tenant's notice

April adjudication digest: Dealing with a tenant's notice

Posted on Friday 6th of May 2016

The adjudication digest takes a recent decision by a SafeDeposits adjudicator and sets out the reasons behind it. We hope that you will find these digests informative in understanding how we reach our adjudication decisions. This blog post is for guidance only – it is not intended to guarantee when an award will be made. Each dispute is different and the actual award made will be based on our interpretation of the specific evidence presented to us. Dealing with a...Read More

Comment on Student tenant reminder

Student tenant reminder

Posted on Thursday 5th of May 2016

Are you moving out of your flat at the end of this semester? Your deposit won't be repaid automatically. You must complete the repayment steps below first: Repayment steps 1. When you move out, your landlord or letting agent will usually enter a repayment request through our website first. This will confirm if your full deposit should be repaid to you and your flatmates, or if they want to make any deductions for cleaning, damage, etc.; 2. We will email a copy of their repayment...Read More

Comment on Five Common Tenancy Agreement Mistakes

Five Common Tenancy Agreement Mistakes

Posted on Sunday 3rd of April 2016

We announced last month that we're launching a new series of blog posts to help landlords, letting agents and tenants better understand the type of evidence the adjudicator looks for if there's a dispute. In this month's edition we're taking a closer look at the tenancy agreement as evidence, particularly common mistakes which landlords, letting agents and tenants make. Please note that the tenancy agreement is a key legal document and we are only able to provide advice from...Read More

Comment on Keeping your deposit safe

Keeping your deposit safe

Posted on Saturday 2nd of April 2016

Since the start of the year we've been out and about across Scotland visiting college and university campuses to speak to students about how to keep their deposit safe when they rent. We know that moving into the private rented sector for the first time can be daunting and there's a lot of new information to get your head around - which is why we want to make deposit protection as easy to understand as possible. If you rent and paid a deposit to your landlord or letting...Read More

Comment on The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill

The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill

Posted on Wednesday 30th of March 2016

The Private Housing (Tenancies) (Scotland) Bill was passed on the 17th March 2016 after three rounds of consultation. There are many changes to current regulations in the bill and it's worth a read to keep up to speed with what is happening in the sector. The highlights of the bill include: • Improved security for tenants, which means they cannot be asked to leave their home simply because their tenancy agreement has reached its end date; • Comprehensive and...Read More