Under the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations of 2011, landlords are now required by law to transfer any deposits that they receive to a registered and licensed operator. This applies to all deposits, whether taken before the Regulations came into force or afterwards. This must be done in a specified timescale and it must be held in a deposit protection scheme for the duration of the tenancy.

SafeDeposits is one of the approved deposit schemes in Scotland, tasked with holding tenants' deposits for the duration of their tenancy and resolving any disputes that should arise at the end of it. We are an independent, not-for-profit organisation and have been approved by the Scottish Ministers under the Tenancy Deposits Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011. Our job is to ensure all deposits that are placed with us are secure and protected, both for the benefit of the landlord and their tenants.

The deposit protection scheme is a way of protecting both landlords and their tenants. SafeDeposits is run by a team that has a wealth of experience in the Scottish private rented sector and as such we understand the challenges that the return of a deposit can present. So not only do we look after a deposit for the duration of the tenancy, we also resolve any disputes once the tenancy is up.

As an independent company, SafeDeposits adjudicates any disputes that may arise between landlords and tenants with regards to the return of a deposit. If this situation does arise, we ask for evidence from both parties and determine, in a quick and fair manner, what the resolution should be.

Both services - the deposit protection scheme and the Alternative Dispute Resolution process - are free to use for both landlords and tenants. The aim of SafeDeposits, and the purpose of the Regulations, is to facilitate a fair and efficient service for everyone involved in the rental process in Scotland. We do this from our centrally based office in Glasgow, with support provided by our call centre in the same city.