SafeDeposits Scotland are proud to be working with the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations.

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) exists to promote healthy communities where we support people to take voluntary action to help themselves and others to bring about positive social change.

We have long been aware of the injustices experienced by some tenants and landlords in the private tenancy market but equally aware this is the minority of circumstances. Clearly the majority of tenancy arrangements are maturely and fairly applied by both parties and it is unfortunate that, as in all human experience, the many can be tarred by the negative behaviour of the few.

Plainly access to decent housing is a fundamental human need and right, and working with charities and communities across Scotland we are well aware of the impact poor, inadequate supply, badly managed and badly treated property has on wellbeing.

Thus when the Scottish Government decided to legislate for tenancy deposit protection schemes to address some of the issues associated with housing SCVO were happy to become involved. From the onset it was obvious (to SCVO) that such schemes should be focussed on quality service for communities, not profitability for the operators, and designed to maximise the impact of funds safeguarding for the sector.

We were delighted to find like-minded partners and collaborated in designing a service where, after service development and on-going delivery costs have been met, surpluses will be transferred to a new Scottish Charitable Incorporate Organisation (SCIO). The mission of that SCIO will seek to fund proposals for education and training for all engaged in the sector towards promoting best practice for all.

As a membership organisation many of our smaller charitable organisations and their employees are in private tenancies and the introduction of a free arbitration service (where problems occur) will provide a tremendous support. Obviously charities who are not members of SCVO will also access the service and we are delighted this will assist them equally.

Overall we believe a healthy community is a good place to live and do business for all and we firmly believe Safe Deposits Scotland is another building block towards creating that community for current and future generations.

We will vigorously promote our service on this platform of common benefit and trust in the good judgement of Scottish people to place their deposits with Safe Deposit Scotland as first choice over the other two schemes who will operate on a self-interest profit driven motive.

Post by John Ferguson SCVO