With just one week to go until the final deadline for all eligible deposits to be transferred to a tenancy deposit scheme, we asked one letting agent to tell us his experience of using SafeDeposits Scotland.

Scott Weir is Managing Director at Homesure - a Ayr based letting agent, covering Ayrshire and Glasgow, with around 600 properties.

He said: "Despite initial reservations about the tenancy deposit scheme coming into force, I have found it to be a refreshing experience that has made the job of being a professional letting agent better.

"Homesure have now processed over 50 deposit returns since the implementation of the legislation and have found the process to go perfectly every time. There have been a few very unusual cases where we needed to claim for the whole deposit for very minor issues that had a high value to the landlord that the tenant disputed, but the adjudication process has always been fair where we could provide the evidence to back up our claim.

"Initially, my concern was that schemes would be naturally biased towards protecting the tenant, however this has not been the case and all of our claims have been upheld - providing we have provide the evidence of course. It also makes life easier for my staff as prior to the scheme they often faced irate tenants visiting the office demanding deposits back or expecting deposits to be handed back in cash at the check-out inspection. SafeDeposits has eliminated that problem. Having used all three deposit schemes, I have found SafeDeposits to stand out as the clear leader."

To find out more about the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011, please visit the Landlords & Agents section of our website.