Found the perfect student accommodation for you and your friends?

You've probably been asked to pay a deposit in case of damage, rent arrears, etc.

Your landlord or letting agent must pay your money into a tenancy deposit scheme for safekeeping.

This is a legal requirement in Scotland.

You should receive confirmation of protection from the landlord or letting agent and the scheme.

Check your tenancy agreement to find out exactly why your landlord may want to deduct money from your deposit.

For example, do you need to have the property professionally cleaned before you leave?

When you move out, you and the landlord or letting agency must contact the scheme to confirm how the deposit should be repaid.

If everyone agrees, the scheme will pay out the deposit as requested.

If your landlord wants to make any deductions to your deposit which you don't agree with, you can choose to use the scheme's adjudication service to help resolve the dispute.

SafeDeposits Scotland is Scotland's leading tenancy deposit scheme. We are free to use and approved by the Scottish Government. You can find out more about deposit protection and resolving disputes on our website.