This month we're marking four years since SafeDeposits Scotland launched but we're not just celebrating our own anniversary, we're marking the birth of the tenancy deposit scheme in Scotland.

We set up in June 2012 in response to the Scottish Government passing laws to give Scottish tenants and landlords security in dealing with deposits. These government-backed Scottish tenancy deposit schemes hadn't existed before.

So happy birthday to Scottish landlords and tenants knowing exactly where they stand when it comes to deposits. And that can only be a good thing. We hold on to the deposit during the tenancy and keep it safe, ready to be returned at the end of the lease once the landlord is happy that everything is in order.

There are three tenancy deposit schemes approved by the Scottish Government and we're all free to use - there's no cost to the tenant or landlord. We're all self-funded and the schemes are paid for by the interest on the money we hold.

Private rentals are estimated to represent around 13% of all households in Scotland. That figure has fluctuated by a few percentage points in the last four years but there has been a steady trend upwards since 2000, when private rentals made up around 7% of the Scottish housing stock.

While legislation by the Scottish Government last year was designed to free up the housing market it is expected that demand for private rented accommodation will continue to exceed supply.

With this ever-changing landscape (further exacerbated with the Brexit result), it's become increasingly important to have certainties and the tenancy deposit protection scheme gives that. Before 2012, for many, deposits were a necessary but cumbersome part of the rental process. Since then, we have a mechanism that works for tenants and landlords alike.

On Brexit, it's worth pointing out that we don't expect the decision to have an adverse impact on our business. In terms of SafeDeposits' approach to tenancy deposit monies, we will continue to focus on implementing our disciplined treasury policy, whereby no capital risk is ever made on tenant's deposits, no matter the volatility in the markets.

SafeDeposits Scotland is the only company running a tenancy deposit scheme that is actually based north of the border. This allows us to really know and understand the market, respond directly to the needs of the industry and be perfectly positioned to adapt to change.

The private rental market has greatly improved its reputation in recent years but there's still some way to go. Investment in training and research is important in keeping this direction of travel going.

SafeDeposits Scotland is the sole not-for-profit tenancy deposit protection scheme. Since paying off our set-up loan in September last year we have been able to set up the SafeDeposits Scotland Trust to fund projects which promote and facilitate education, training and best practice for landlords, letting agents and tenants alike.

We currently hold a little under 71m of deposits and around 60% of Scottish landlords and letting agents come to us for the peace of mind that we give.

At the time of writing, more than 100,000 deposits are protected by SafeDeposits. I know that the deposit paid in every single one of those flats and houses is safe. With investment from the SafeDeposit Scotland Trust, I believe the future of the industry is safe too. That's definitely something worth celebrating.