At SafeDeposits Scotland we know a good relationship between a landlord or letting agency and a tenant is key to a happy tenancy and a win-win for both parties. That's why, to celebrate International Tenants Day, we launched a competition to highlight the positive relationships between people in the private rented sector – and from the hundreds of entries we received we're delighted to hear how many happy people there are in the sector!

We asked landlords and letting agents to nominate a deserving tenant for the chance to win a £50 Marks & Spencer gift card. As a thank you for taking part, the landlord or letting agent who nominated the winning tenant would also win a £50 Marks & Spencer gift card.

We're now excited to announce our worthy winners!

Kira from Glasgow letting agency Happy Lets nominated their tenant Brenda, saying “She has turned the property into an actual palace and truly made it her own and has been an absolute pleasure to deal with. It really is a great relationship. She is a great tenant and we're all routing for her.”

Brenda was “absolutely thrilled” to have won, saying that this has been her first experience as a tenant and she “could not have found a nicer bunch of girls to take care of my tenancy – Happy Lets is a very apt name!”

A £50 Marks & Spencer gift card has now been sent to both Kira at Happy Lets and Brenda. We hope both can find something special from Marks & Spencer to treat themselves to!

With hundreds of entries received, we'd like to thank everyone who took the time to enter our competition. It's fantastic to hear so many positive experiences from within the sector.