We're excited to announce the launch of new website features from Wednesday 15th March 2017.

We have listened to feedback from our landlords, letting agents and tenants to develop bespoke new features and services, which we hope will make protecting and repaying deposits quicker and easier:


Increase deposit amount during the tenancy

You can now increase the deposit amount during the tenancy through the 'Deposit Summary' page for the deposit:

  • View the 'Deposit Summary' page for the relevant deposit, then use the 'Increase Deposit Amount' option at the bottom of the page:

  • This will increase the 'Deposit amount stated in tenancy agreement' for the deposit, and open the option to 'Increase protected amount with a Part Payment':

  • You can then follow the payment options to pay the 'top up' amount:

After the payment has been received, we will send you and the tenant(s) an updated deposit protection certificate which confirms the new protected amount.


Deadline date column

We have added a 'Deadline Date' column to the 'View Deposits' and 'Deposit Summary' screens, so you can see at a glance your deadlines to complete an action (e.g. respond to a repayment request, submit evidence, etc.):

  • On the 'View Deposits' page, open the 'Repayment requested by one party' category to see the deadline to respond to a repayment request:

  • On the 'View Deposits' page, open the 'In Dispute resolution' category to view the deadline to submit evidence:


Saved tenancy addresses

When you add a new deposit, the tenancy address will automatically be added to your user account:

  • This means that when you add a new deposit for the same tenancy address (i.e. after the previous tenant moves out and a new tenant moves in), the address will appear in a list of suggested addresses:

  • If you would like to make any changes to the list of saved address, you can use the 'Manage Addresses' option in the 'My Options' area of your user account:

  • Then edit or delete the address using the list of saved addresses:

The addresses which were registered to your account by 15th March 2017 will already be saved and will appear in your suggested list.


Improved search bar

We have improved how responsive the search bar is on the 'My Options' page, which will make it quicker and easier to find the deposit you're looking for:


Tenant changeover countdown

When a tenant changeover is in progress, a countdown will appear on the 'Deposit Summary' page which shows how many days there are left to respond before a request times out.

  • The countdown will appear to show how many days the tenant has left to respond to your tenant changeover request:

  • It will also appear after the tenant has responded to show how many days you have left to complete the changeover:

We hope that you find these new features helpful. Please get in touch if you have any feedback.