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Free registration of tenancy deposits in Scotland from our offices in Glasgow.

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Comment on Ask SafeDeposits: Do I need to protect my tenant's deposit with a tenancy deposit scheme?

Ask SafeDeposits: Do I need to protect my tenant's deposit with a tenancy deposit scheme?

Posted on Friday 26th of May 2017

Why should I protect my tenant's deposit? If you're a landlord in Scotland and take a deposit from your tenant, you must: Transfer the deposit to a government approved tenancy deposit scheme; Provide the tenant with particular key information. The deposit must be transferred, and the key information provided to all tenants on the tenancy agreement, within 30 working days of the tenancy start date. This is required under the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations...Read More

Comment on Student renters urged to reclaim tenancy deposits

Student renters urged to reclaim tenancy deposits

Posted on Friday 19th of May 2017

As the end of term approaches and a summer of travelling or work awaits, it's easy for students to forget about reclaiming deposits from rented accommodation, but our research has shown that students at some universities are more forgetful than others. Currently, 188 tenancy deposits remain unclaimed by students from Scottish colleges and universities - that's almost £62,000! We carried out the research by identifying all tenants who have a university email account...Read More

Comment on Get your student deposit back

Get your student deposit back

Posted on Monday 1st of May 2017

Our new research has revealed 188 students from colleges and universities across Scotland have forgotten to claim back their deposits - that's a whopping £62,000! During the stress of exams and lining up a job for a summer, claiming your deposit back might be bottom of your to-do list, but we can't repay your deposit until you log in to our website to provide your bank details. It's your money and it only takes a few minutes to claim back, so please log in after you move out - just...Read More

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