Our new research has revealed 188 students from colleges and universities across Scotland have forgotten to claim back their deposits - that's a whopping £62,000!

During the stress of exams and lining up a job for a summer, claiming your deposit back might be bottom of your to-do list, but we can't repay your deposit until you log in to our website to provide your bank details. It's your money and it only takes a few minutes to claim back, so please log in after you move out - just imagine what you could do this summer with some of that £62,000!

If your deposit is protected with SafeDeposits, we sent you an email with your log in details when you first moved in. If you need your log in details resent to you, or you're not sure if your deposit is protected by SafeDeposits, please get in touch.

We also have a blog post and a YouTube video which explain step-by-step how to log in and claim your deposit back.

Oh, and if you're wondering how your college or university go on in our latest research, check out our results below: