When a landlord or letting agent has multiple properties a tenant might want to move from one property into another. We're often asked if the address on the deposit account can be updated to the new address, or if the money can be transferred from one deposit account into another. Unfortunately we can't change an address or transfer funds internally within a user's account because the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011 require a deposit to be repaid from the scheme when a tenancy ends.

This means if a tenant is moving from one of your properties into another, you should enter a repayment request to repay the deposit from the scheme. When your enter your repayment request you can specify that the deposit should be returned to you to be protected in a new deposit account. To do this, you should enter the deposit amount in the 'Other - please specify box', then a free text box will appear where you can type your reason:

The tenant has to agree to your repayment request before we can repay the deposit. We recommend that you speak to them to explain the deposit is being repaid to you so it can be protected in a new deposit account. If the tenant doesn't understand why you have claimed their deposit back, they may be more likely to ignore or disagree with your repayment request.

As soon as the deposit has been repaid to you, you can create a new deposit account with the details for the new tenancy. Please remember to use the new deposit account number (DAN) as the payment reference when transferring the money.

You should also give all tenants on the new tenancy agreement an updated prescribed information form. We will send you and the tenant(s) a new deposit protection certificate.

We also have guidance videos on repaying a deposit and registering a new deposit.