With New Year next weekend, we thought we'd take a moment to reflect on the results of our landlord and letting agent and tenant feedback surveys results from 2017.

Tenant feedback survey

We started with our tenant feedback survey back in July, receiving an astonishing 2924 responses in only two weeks.

We're pleased to report that 86% of tenants confirmed they had received a welcome email or letter from SafeDeposits, which confirms their deposit is protected and includes a copy of their deposit protection certificate. After collecting the results, we contacted the other 24% directly to resend them their welcome email or letter.

In similarly positive news, 82% said they have received the required key information from their landlord or letting agent, including confirmation of where their deposit is held. Please remember that the required key information is separate from the deposit protection certificate which we send to tenants - if a landlord or letting agent doesn't provide this information, the landlord risks being fined three times the amount of the deposit. To make providing the information easier, we have a template, called the prescribed information form, available to download through our website.

Lastly, 74% of tenants said they already knew deposits have to be protected with a tenancy deposit scheme before they received a welcome email or letter from SafeDeposits. Of those, 44% said they already knew because the deposit for their previous tenancy had been protected. In the 'Other' option, a significant number of tenants specified that they knew about deposit protection because their landlord or letting agent had told them about it - so thank you for helping us get the word out!

Landlord and letting agent feedback survey

In September we sent out our landlord and letting agent feedback survey and received 539 responses in two weeks. 85% of people who completed the survey specified they were landlords, 12% were letting agents, and 4% were both.

When asked why they chose SafeDeposits Scotland as their tenancy deposit scheme, the top three reasons were because we're based in Scotland (78%), our easy to understand website (58%), and our position as a not-for-profit company (42%).

We're especially delighted to report that over 96% of landlords and letting agents said our service has lived up to their expectations!

The top three aspects of our service which landlords and letting agents are happy with are our online deposit management system (62%), our easy to understand website (59%), and our deposit repayment process (48%).

Looking forward

As we move into 2018, we would like to remind our landlords, letting agents and tenants that we love feedback - whether it's a well done or constructive criticism, we want to know what you like and how we can do better. If you have any feedback, please get in touch.

If you would like to take part in our feedback surveys in 2018, please make sure you're signed up to our newsletter.

Since our launch in 2012, we've used your feedback to continually change and improve our system and service, so your suggestions are what have helped shape SafeDeposits Scotland. Thank you.