Many landlords don't allow any permanent changes to be made to their property. If you have an established and trusting relationship with your landlord they may be happy for you to make alterations.

You will have to reach an agreement before thinking of doing anything - if you don't you may lose out on your deposit at the end of the tenancy.

Any agreement reached should be put in writing so there is no room for disagreement at the end of the tenancy. If it's a phone call follow it up with an email detailing the agreement you've discussed.

Your landlord might consider placing certain conditions on the agreement. It could be if you're redecorating that you have to use certain paint colours or types, or that you have to use a contractor. The landlord may even want you to return the decor to its original colour at the end of the tenancy. You can refer to your inventory for a detailing of the décor of the property.

If you don't get permission even if you think you may have improved the condition of the décor, the landlord would be entitled to expect the property to be returned in the same or similar colour scheme.

For further details have a peek at our guidance documents.