If you make a mistake while submitting a proposal the most important thing to do is contact us immediately.

We can only assist if we are notified within 24 hours. If the mistake is made within business hours you should call us right away. If the mistake happens out with business hours you should email us at info@safedepositsscotland.com.

Our office is open 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

If we are notified we will contact all parties and inform them of what has happened and reset the proposal in order for a resubmission of the correct figures.

If we are not notified within the 24 hour grace period, the proposal would be binding and we cannot change it. If the other party agrees we would have to pay out on the figures submitted, even if they are made in error.

If we are notified of a change in the proposal after the 24 hour deadline, we can still assist in facilitating an agreement. If the landlord/agent notifies us of a reduction in a claim against a tenant's deposit we can make an additional payment to the tenant.

If there is an increase in a claim against the deposit we cannot increase the claim without consent from the tenant. If the tenant disagrees, payments would be made or the disputes process would continue.

If an error has been made and there is no agreement between the parties about an amended settlement, you can approach the First Tier Tribunal if you are pursuing any additional costs.

Most importantly before you submit a proposal make sure your figures have been calculated correctly and are entered correctly. It is good practice to read the details back before submitting a proposal.

There is no legislated deadline for submitting a proposal after the tenancy ends. If you are making a claim or agreeing to a proposal make sure that you are confident about the figures you put forward, you do have ample time to make sure they are correct, take advantage of that time.

If a mistake is made and we are not notified you could end up losing out.