Did you see the trailer for Mary Poppins Returns, which was released a couple of weeks ago? Pretty magical stuff. And no sooner had we started whistling Chim Chim Cher-ee, we read a startling statistic in relation to chimney sweeping that would have Dick Van Dyke exclaiming "Cor, Blimey!"

89% of respondents to a recent survey of UK tenants conducted by AXA Insurance said it was the tenant's responsibility to keep any chimneys swept. However - contrary to that fairly overwhelming response - this is not always the case and is something that is very much subject to the contents of the tenancy agreement.

AXA's report - which notes overall improvements in British rental homes complying with safety rules, and energy-saving features in rental properties - also notes that three quarters of tenants didn't know their landlord is legally required to ensure a minimum energy rating for the property. Further still, the report continues, a similar number was unaware of the requirement for Energy Performance Certificates and gas safety checks.

The apparent knowledge gap among tenants highlighted by this report comes hot on the heels of our own tenant survey, where we found that many here in Scotland were not aware of important information in relation to their tenancy deposit.

We found that 26.8% of respondents didn't know until receiving a welcome email from us that, by law, their tenancy deposit had to be protected in a Government-backed scheme. 36.4% didn't know how to claim back their deposit after moving out of privately rented accommodation.

As a tenant, brushing up on your rights and the rules and regulations that landlords must follow is strongly recommended - a little extra knowledge could assist you in a disagreement, or prevent any nasty surprises further down the line. In terms of your tenancy deposit, we provide full guidelines at www.safedepositsscotland.com while information on other matters is available via a variety of official sources. Our Tenant Conference on Saturday 13th October will feature talks and advice on managing your tenancy, giving you a further opportunity to hear more and ask questions about your rights.

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