Dalzell House

Last Halloween we brought you a round up of the seven creepiest haunted houses in Scotland. Now we're back with more examples of ghostly goings on around the country. Castles and remote mansions featured heavily on our last trip into the spirit world, but as you'll read below things can go bump in the night in even the most pedestrian of surroundings...

Edinburgh - Charlotte Square

The capital has a reputation as a hotspot for hauntings and while spooky goings on at the likes of Edinburgh Castle and Greyfriars Kirkyard may not be too surprising, there have also been chilling accounts from one of the city's most prestigious postcodes. Charlotte Square has seen properties fetch prices upwards of 1 million pounds and among the buildings overlooking its elegant gardens are offices, a chic hotel and the official residence of the First Minister. According to various sources, there have been strange things happening on the square since the early 20th century. Perhaps the most notable apparition has been the woman spotted playing a grand piano in the middle of Charlotte Square - according to accounts by a number of people the pianist disappeared when approached but the sound of music could still be heard drifting around the neighbourhood.

Motherwell - Dalzell House

With its 15th century tower house and extensions built in the 17th and 19th centuries, as well as the pretty gardens of the surrounding Dalzell estate, Dalzell House in Motherwell looks every part the historic manor. From the outside it may appear like somewhere that's open for tours with a gift shop and cream teas, however the house was in fact restored and divided into 18 private apartments in the 1980s. Check out pictures online from previous property sales within the building and you'll see the classical features complemented by the mod cons of a 21st century household. Vehicles fill Dalzell House's private car park and within literally a few minutes' drive from the tree lined entrance you can be at Motherwell Football Club's Fir Park Stadium, having passed contemporary cul de sacs en route. But according to various stories over the years it might not be just bricks and mortar that serve as a reminder of the past - the Grey Lady has apparently appeared in the uniform of a Great War army nurse (the north wing served as a military hospital during the war), the scent of the Green Lady's perfume has been detected and there have also been sightings of the White Lady, thought to be a 19th century housemaid.

Glasgow - Partick

While mansions and castles are steeped in history, the familiar tenements of our towns and cities have also been standing for over 100 years and have been witness to many lives and deaths. The book Haunted Glasgow by Ron Halliday features a staggering number of paranormal happenings in flats across Glasgow - from Dennistoun to Govan to Castlemilk - but perhaps the most chilling account documented is the one experienced by a couple in Partick during the 1970s. Filed under the chapter entitled Poltergeists, this story recounts how the couple awoke on a February morning to find their flat turned over in the most bizarre fashion. The door was locked and its chain and bolt untouched and while glass panes of the second floor window were broken the frame itself was intact so this could not have been the work of a regular burglar. Burglars tend to steal things too - not simply move televisions from one side of the room to the other. It might be easier to suggest explanations for every pane in the living room window being shattered, but the fate of many household objects is a tougher one to comprehend - every cup, saucer, plate, bowl, tumbler and ornament the couple owned had been reduced to piles of fine sand. The couple understandably vacated the premises and when the man returned to the scene accompanied by his father's Alsatian, the dog was clearly troubled by something - growling, panicking and refusing to enter the building.

Aberdeen - Bieldside

A couple of months ago, Aberdeen's Evening Express reported that top Scottish golfer Paul Lawrie had put his five-bedroom Victorian villa in the city's Bieldside area up for sale. With a price tag of more than 2.2 million pounds it sounds like a dream home - particularly for keen golfers - featuring a library, conservatory, gym, games room and a US Golf Association standard chipping and putting green complete with bunker. Lawrie mentioned another potential - and perhaps not so welcome - feature of the property in a 2017 video interview: "I was lying in my bed one night and I had my iPad on my stomach as I was watching a film. The bathroom is on the right of our bed, and I just happened to look at the door. And there was a face. It was one of those double-look moments. As I looked back, it drifted into the bathroom. Scariest thing ever."

Roxburghshire - Jedburgh

When a Jedburgh couple placed a job advert last year for a nanny to look after their two children, the listing managed to pop up on news sites across the world. Their home is described in the advert as a "lovely, spacious, historic property in a remote spot with spectacular views" and photos of the household show a typical family home complete with fairly lights. So what was it about the vacancy for live-in nanny that caught the attention of the BBC, New York's Daily News and Teen Vogue magazine among others? The couple wanted to be upfront in their advertisement on childcare.co.uk, and stated "5 nannies have left the role in the last year, each citing supernatural incidents as the reason, including strange noises, broken glass and furniture moving." The couple added that they have not personally experienced any such incidents, however said they were told the house was haunted when they bought it.

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Happy Halloween!