Whether you were celebrating Christmas or not, we hope that you managed to enjoy at least a day or two relaxing over the recent holiday period. We know however that in the busy private rented sector, few things stand still - it's a fact of life that people need to move into properties and start new tenancies throughout the year and indeed, the holidays are often the most suitable time for tenants to move due to their own work or education commitments.

For many in the industry therefore it would have been business as usual. We have evidence of this from some interesting statistics relating to the seasonal holiday dates...

On Christmas Day, two deposits were registered (each by a different unique user) and on Boxing Day six different people registered deposits with us. That number increased again on New Year's Day when registering a tenancy deposit with SafeDeposits Scotland was one of the first acts of 2019 for eight people. And on 2nd January - a widely observed bank holiday in Scotland - 26 deposits were registered by 25 individuals.

Alongside these deposit registrations, other people were using the holiday days to carry out actions such as making payments and activating tenant move outs on our system. Edinburgh proved to be the main hive of activity, with deposits for 12 separate properties registered across the four festive holiday dates. Glasgow and Aberdeen followed with four deposits registered in each city, while there was further activity across the length and breadth of Scotland.

In our previous blog post we revealed how, in our recent landlord and letting agent survey, our online deposit management system was the most popular selection among respondents when asked which aspects of our service they are happy with. We believe that reliability, accessibility and user interface are essential to this, and these factors mean that the system can be used effectively whatever the time and whatever the day.