We're very grateful to over 320 tenants who recently responded to the survey in our latest e-newsletter. Our Tenant Research Survey was created to provide an insight into the tenant population in Scotland.

We felt that this research was particularly important as tenants can't simply be characterised as a single group of people - they come from all walks of life, which was reaffirmed by some of the results within the survey. Often the tenant portrayed in the media is a millennial who is renting because they can't afford to buy, but over 60% of respondents were over the age of 40 while less than one fifth were under 30. Being able to afford to buy a property was just one reason for the choice to rent too - many people rent because it is flexible for their educational and professional needs.

The survey also provided an insight into future intentions with regards to renting and buying. 71% of respondents said that they can see themselves renting for the foreseeable future, while nearly 30% indicated that they don't aim to ever own a property. Meanwhile 51.4% of respondents said they had been renting for five or more years, with many having done so for over a decade - showing that for a significant amount of people renting is not an interim arrangement.

The survey was conducted ahead of our Tenant Conference, which takes place in Glasgow on 25th May. The event will provide delegates with information and advice on managing a tenancy, with talks from a variety of speakers and the opportunity to ask questions.