If you have read the latest edition of our "Deposits in Scotland" magazine you will have seen a map highlighting the top 10 locations for overseas based landlords using SafeDeposits Scotland to protect their tenants' deposits. The research carried out to produce this information showed us some interesting statistics, and far beyond the top 10 highlighted in the magazine Scotland's private rented sector has links to scores of countries across the planet.

Of 28 EU member states, 24 have been given as the home of landlords who have registered with our scheme to protect their tenants' deposits. According to our data, there are landlords with property in Scotland living in 36 out of 50 states in the USA. From the tiny principality of Monaco to the world's most populous nation, China, you will find landlords who are protecting deposits with SafeDeposits Scotland.

With over 500 landlords, we found that Australia is the most common overseas location for landlords protecting their Scottish tenancy deposits with us. This doesn't necessarily mean that Australians have a penchant for investing in Scottish property - it's more likely that many of these landlords down under are Scottish ex-pats who have either emigrated permanently or have moved there on a temporary basis.

In fact, our top 10 locations for overseas landlords features many countries which are widely recognised as having significant Scottish and UK ex-pat communities: the USA, United Arab Emirates, Spain and Canada to name a handful.

Dublin or Dusseldorf, Auckland or Auxerre... wherever they are based, overseas landlords who have lodged deposits with SafeDeposits Scotland have recognised that - regardless of where they are - if they rent out property in Scotland, Scotland's private rented sector legislation still applies. This includes the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011, and with our online system - plus our team available on email and telephone - it's easy to make sure you're complying with the regulations wherever you are in the world.