For a tenant the end of a tenancy is usually a very busy time. Alongside tying up the end of the old tenancy, in most cases you will be moving into a new property - rented or otherwise - which brings with it a lot of paperwork to be sorted, not to mention the physical process of moving your belongings. Our repayment process is therefore designed to be as straightforward as possible, to help things go smoothly when there are lots of other tasks to do.

You can claim your deposit back as soon as your tenancy has ended. Our system allows you to do this at your fingertips 24/7, by logging on at - being prepared makes things even quicker so have your Deposit Account Number (DAN), Deposit Repayment Number (DRN) and your bank account details to hand. You'll use the DAN and DRN - along with your name - to log in.

Once you're logged in you will be prompted to enter a repayment request. Here you confirm whether you want the full deposit to be repaid to you (and the other tenants if applicable), or if any of it should be paid to your landlord or letting agent. In some cases the latter is something that tenants and their landlord or agent will agree upon ahead of submitting the repayment request.

With the proposal entered you will then be asked to type in your bank details - account number, sort code, name on the account, bank name and branch - so that we can make payment to this account as soon as we have received agreement to the proposal.

As soon as you have submitted your proposal this will be emailed to your landlord or letting agent to ask if they agree or disagree with it. The landlord or agent has a period of 30 working days within which they can respond to the proposal. If they agree to your proposal then we'll automatically make payment to the bank account you provided details for - funds will be with you in no more than five working days from the landlord or agent agreeing to your proposal.

If the landlord or letting agent disagrees with the proposal then they will enter their own counter-proposal which you in turn have the opportunity to agree or disagree with. If agreement cannot be reached between the two parties, you can refer the repayment to our free adjudication service.

As noted above there are just a few short steps to claim back your deposit. If you'd prefer to speak to someone, you can call us on 03333 213 136 and we'll take you through the repayment request process. There's also the possibility that your landlord or letting agent will submit the repayment proposal first - this works in the same way as it does when the tenant makes the proposal. You'll be emailed and asked to respond with whether you agree or disagree to the proposal.