Auld Reekie. The Athens of the North. Edina. Today's spotlight is on the city most commonly known as EDINBURGH. There's so much to say about Scotland's capital, but as it is currently resplendent in festive lights and preparing to host the world's biggest Hogmanay party later this month we thought there was no time like the (Christmas) present to focus on this iconic city.

Home to over half a million residents and welcoming four times as many people as visitors every year, Edinburgh's profile has arguably never been higher. Its historic sites - Edinburgh Castle, the Palace of Holyroodhouse, St Giles' Cathedral to name a few - have been a draw since the earliest days of tourism, and the annual Edinburgh Festival in August and the aforementioned Hogmanay celebrations are unparalleled experiences.

Edinburgh is of course the seat of Scotland's Government, with the Scottish Parliament to be found at the foot of the Royal Mile, and it is a major commercial centre with well known banks among some of the huge companies that call the city home.

We could go on to talk about the city's rich literary history, the only zoo in the UK to house giant pandas, the busy airport, the renowned universities, the many different neighbourhoods, the rugby and that time The Avengers fought some aliens in Waverley Station... but we'd be here all day, so let's move on to Edinburgh's private rented sector.

Before we look at our own statistics relating to the tenancy deposits we protect, Citylets latest quarterly report (Q3 2019) gives a comprehensive overview of the rental market in the capital and in other cities. During the third quarter of this year Edinburgh witnessed a record high in its average monthly rent figure - £1,148. The average rent in the city has continued to increase, although it has been noted that the rate of the increase is currently declining. Be sure to check out the Citylets report for further insight.

In terms of tenancy deposit protection statistics, with an average rent like the above it is no surprise that the average deposit protected in Edinburgh is towards the higher end of the scale. Currently our average deposit value for the city is £1,020 (compared to a national average of £729).

At 766 days the average tenure we have recorded for Edinburgh is at the shorter end of the table, although it is still longer than those for St Andrews, Aberdeen and Stirling.

In terms of disputes, cleaning was the only type of claim where Edinburgh disputes stood out during 2018-19. As mentioned in last month's spotlight blog post, 58% of dispute claims nationally involved cleaning - in Edinburgh this figure was 70%. For damage, redecorating and gardening claims the capital was just below the average in each category, and at 7% the percentage of Edinburgh claims relating to rent arrears was half the national average.