At SafeDeposits Scotland we pride ourselves on our customer service, and always seek to make every stage of the tenancy deposit protection process as straightforward as possible for landlords, letting agents and tenants.

From lodging the deposit to repaying it and everything in between, we are here to help. And it's in that "everything in between" area that we're pleased to introduce a new extension to our service...

One of our experienced advisors is now available on a special hotline created to help all users of the scheme with any queries they might have about potential disputes as they approach the end date of a tenancy.

How to start the deposit repayment process with SafeDeposits Scotland is clearly set out, but sometimes people may have questions on their mind before it gets to the tenancy end date, which when the repayment process can be started.

For example - a landlord might be aware of damage caused to the property by their tenant and wonder how they should approach this with regards to deduction from the tenancy deposit. Similarly a tenant may be concerned about potential deductions mentioned by a landlord which do not relate to anything stated in the tenancy agreement. It may be a matter of weeks until the tenancy ends, but people with queries will understandably wish to seek reassurance or advice in the interim.

Cameron on the hotline will advise parties on potential scenarios and options ahead, should there be any complications with the tenancy. Does the landlord, agent or tenant foresee a dispute arising at the end of the tenancy? Cameron will explain the alternative dispute resolution (ADR) process and advise parties on the types of evidence that they should have available.

While the hotline will help people prepare for the ADR process where required, it will also help to manage parties' expectations and even give an indication if ADR is a feasible route for them to pursue. For example, if a landlord seeks to make a claim based on something that is not covered in the tenancy agreement and that they have no evidence to support, then the likelihood of a successful claim is minimised and pursuing a dispute may be fruitless for them and time consuming for both landlord and tenant. In such scenarios Cameron will also seek to advise parties on other routes to negotiation and mediation.

To speak to Cameron with your end of tenancy queries, please call 03333 213 136 and select option 5. This service is available Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm.