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7 steps to get your student deposit back

Posted on Thursday 25th of May 2017

1. Read your tenancy agreement carefully There should be a section in your tenancy agreement which outlines the reasons why you might lose some or all of your deposit after you move out. While most tenancy agreements will say that you should pay your rent and keep the place clean and tidy, some contracts will be more specific - for example, do you need to have the property professionally cleaned, or clean the windows inside and out? Double-check the details or it could cost you....Read More

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Get your student deposit back

Posted on Monday 1st of May 2017

Our new research has revealed 188 students from colleges and universities across Scotland have forgotten to claim back their deposits - that's a whopping £62,000! During the stress of exams and lining up a job for a summer, claiming your deposit back might be bottom of your to-do list, but we can't repay your deposit until you log in to our website to provide your bank details. It's your money and it only takes a few minutes to claim back, so please log in after you move out - just...Read More

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Ask SafeDeposits: How do I get my deposit back?

Posted on Thursday 17th of August 2017

If your deposit is held by SafeDeposits, you need to follow the repayment steps below to claim your deposit back. Your deposit will not be repaid automatically. If you would prefer to watch a video, the repayment steps are also explained on our YouTube channel. Before you begin We sent you a welcome email or letter when your deposit was first transferred to us, which confirms: The deposit account number (DAN) for your deposit You share this reference with your landlord, letting...Read More

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Ask SafeDeposits: Who can claim the deposit back?

Posted on Friday 10th of November 2017

After a tenancy comes to an end, either the landlord (or their letting agent) or tenant can log in to the SafeDeposits website to enter a repayment request. This will confirm how the deposit should be repaid (e.g. if the full amount should be repaid to the tenant, or if any should be paid to the landlord for rent arrears, cleaning, etc.). How quickly should a repayment request be entered? A repayment request can be entered on the same day as the tenancy ends. There is no legal time frame...Read More