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Comment on Students! Confused by tenancy deposit schemes?

Students! Confused by tenancy deposit schemes?

Posted on Monday 2nd of November 2015

Found the perfect student accommodation for you and your friends? You've probably been asked to pay a deposit in case of damage, rent arrears, etc. Your landlord or letting agent must pay your money into a tenancy deposit scheme for safekeeping. This is a legal requirement in Scotland. You should receive confirmation of protection from the landlord or letting agent and the scheme. Check your tenancy agreement to find out exactly why your landlord may want to deduct...Read More

Comment on Ask SafeDeposits: Can the adjudicator consider a counter-claim against the landlord?

Ask SafeDeposits: Can the adjudicator consider a counter-claim against the landlord?

Posted on Friday 25th of August 2017

If you rent your home, your landlord or letting agent will usually ask you for a deposit. You pay a deposit as a promise you will follow the terms of your tenancy agreement (for example, the tenancy agreement may specify that you need to: pay a certain amount of rent every month, make sure the property is as clean when you move out as it was when you moved in, not damage the property or its contents, etc.). There should be a deposit clause in your tenancy agreement which specifies what terms...Read More

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