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Free registration of tenancy deposits in Scotland from our offices in Glasgow.

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Information on the Scottish Government's Tenant Hardship Loan Fund

A fund which offers interest-free loans to tenants who are struggling with rent arrears has opened for applications.

The Scottish Government's Tenant Hardship Loan Fund is designed to help people who have had their finances or employment...

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Register with SafeDeposits

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Tenancies involving more than one landlord

Registration of joint landlords to use SafeDeposits

SafeDeposits will treat all landlords of a tenancy as being jointly and severally liable for the landlord’s obligations and will treat the authority of any one or more joint landlords as binding on the others.

This means that there is no need for a lead landlord. SafeDeposits will regard the landlord who completes registration as a scheme user as having authority to act on behalf of any other joint landlords. It is only therefore necessary for one landlord to register in order to protect a deposit subsequently, but this does not prevent all landlords registering as users should they wish to do so.

Submission of deposits to SafeDeposits by joint landlords

When a landlord who is registered as a user with SafeDeposits wishes to submit a deposit, he will be required to provide his local authority registration details. The landlord will then be asked to provide the details of any joint landlord(s) for the tenancy, including their local authority registration details.

Deposit repayment process involving joint landlords

Where there is more than one landlord, the landlords should decide between them who is to apply for repayment of the deposit on behalf of them all.

ADR process involving joint landlords

Where there is more than one landlord, the landlords should decide between them who is to manage the process on behalf of them all.

Repayment of the deposit to joint landlords

SafeDeposits will pay any deposit due to joint landlords equally to all landlords named on the Deposit Protection Certificate. The only exception to this will be if a different allocation of the deposit repayment is authorised in writing and signed by all the landlords or where otherwise required by operation of law.

Click here to download the Guidance for Joint Tenancies document

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