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Scottish Housing Day: Alan's Housing Career Journey

Marketing Officer Alan joined SafeDeposits Scotland in summer 2018, with a background in the travel and hospitality sectors. He admits that after 15 years of promoting beach holidays and burgers he had initial doubts about his decision to change direction before he started, but these were immediately dispelled within his first few days.

"I can remember starting at SafeDeposits vividly, even down to the detail that it was in the middle of a really nice sunny spell of weather. I could tell it was a nice working environment straight away, with people making a bee line to come over and welcome me as they arrived in the office - a courtesy that continues to be extended to new colleagues who join us."

"One particular early memory I have is accompanying our Customer Relations Manager Carol to a Scottish Borders Council landlord event in Galashiels within my first week. The journeys to and from the Borders were a great opportunities to hear about Carol's experience and of course the event itself was a good snapshot of the day to day in the wider private rented sector."

Alan's duties at the scheme include publishing social media content, writing articles and newsletters and co-ordinating events, as well as administrating for the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust. He enjoys the variety of his role and says that it has both utilised his previous experience and helped him develop new skills.

"A big part of my working background prior to SafeDeposits was written word but I always had a keen eye for how output looked. I've been given the opportunity here to break out into design as well and put these two passions together."

"Prior to joining the scheme I worked for a hospitality venue that hosted a wide variety of events from business networking to live music gigs, so I've found that experience incredibly useful in organising our own events - knowing what venues need to know from us to help things run smoothly."

Five years on from that 2018 heatwave and trip to Galashiels, Alan is glad of the choice he made in joining SafeDeposits.

"Marketing here is not purely about raising the profile of SafeDeposits Scotland, it's also about amplifying rights, responsibilities and best practice to those who live and work in the private rented sector. The PRS, and the wider housing sector, are crucial components of day to day life and I feel privileged to play a small part in that."

Scottish Housing Day 2023 is on Wednesday 13th September, and this year celebrates housing as a career. For further information visit the Scottish Housing Day website.

Scottish Housing Day - SafeDeposits Scotland
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