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Scottish Housing Day: Carol's Housing Career Journey

Customer Relations Manager Carol has been with SafeDeposits Scotland for over seven years and is one of the "well kent" faces of the scheme - a regular at private rented sector exhibitions and conferences. Just about every customer who calls us will have heard her speak too, as it is her voice on our automated phone menu that invites people to choose which department they need!

Carol already had a wealth of experience in the housing sector before joining SafeDeposits, having worked in both an estate agency and a letting agency.

Prior to landing in the housing sector she was cabin crew for a well known Dutch airline, and while this may seem worlds apart from what she does now Carol does in fact find similarities.

"I love the variety, no two days are the same for me. I can be in the office one day, out and about the next day checking in with customers or delivering training, and then the day after that attending a housing conference."

Although her current role doesn't require her to jet into Paris or Rome, it does involve plenty of travel and Carol says she enjoys seeing every corner of Scotland (her furthest flung trip being to the Shetland Islands), meeting people and hearing first-hand about the private rented sector landscape in their part of the country.

Carol looks back fondly on what she calls many great moments at SafeDeposits, with colleagues and customers alike. She has been present for the scheme's 5th and 10th birthday celebrations, its first Customer Service Excellence accreditation, its fundraising quizzes and many more highlights.

Now managing a team of two, playing a key part in familiarising customers with developments in SafeDeposits' new system and continuing to keep a keen eye on a sector that is regularly witnessing change, she looks forward to tackling the challenges and celebrating the successes of the years to come.

Scottish Housing Day 2023 is on Wednesday 13th September, and this year celebrates housing as a career. For further information visit the Scottish Housing Day website.

Scottish Housing Day - SafeDeposits Scotland
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