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Free registration of tenancy deposits in Scotland from our offices in Glasgow.

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System features

We have developed our system with you in mind. We are adding new features all the time, with some highlights being:

  • Tenant changeover function
  • Communication log
  • Tenancy activity log
  • Pre-populated Prescribed Information
More system features

Client support

Supporting you is our priority. We constantly strive to provide you with a first class customer experience, including:

  • Dedicated account managers
  • Calls answered in 30 seconds
  • Emails answered in 48 hours (and we aim for 24)
  • Live Chat facility
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We pair our ongoing personal support with regular events and other training activities, including:

  • Regular ADR workshops
  • In-house training
  • Monthly adjudication digests
  • Online adjudicator clinics
More training


In addition to the adjudicators being independent and impartial, our adjudication support team go the extra mile:

  • Personal help, remotely or in person
  • Reminder call and email before an evidence deadline
  • Inventory guidance
  • Case examples
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Switching is simple

Want to know more?

Simply call 0141 225 5100 or email switch@safedepositsscotland.com for a confidential, no commitment chat.



System features

Our deposit managment system is integral to what we do, so we’ve developed it with two things in mind - saving you time, and giving full deposit management capabilities at your fingertips.
  • We developed our automated tenant changeover function to use when only one joint tenant is moving out. Now you can manage this common administrative task with just a few clicks.
  • Wonder if we’ve notified the tenant of your repayment proposal? Our communication log lets you know what notifications we’ve sent, to whom, and when they were sent.
  • Our tenancy activity log shows you when a case moved from stage to stage. Can’t remember when you made your proposal for repayment? You’ll find all relevant dates here.
  • We help you to comply with your duty to provide information to the tenant - use our pre-populated Prescribed Information function to simply generate a PDF to send to your tenant.
  • Our powerful online evidence portal leads you through the documents you will need to support your claim. And to make it even easier, you can drag and drop multiple files in one quick action.
  • We like to keep you updated. From instant email confirmations detailing your repayment request, to updates at every stage of a dispute, we are pro-active in keeping you informed.
  • While the information we give you is extensive, we have kept the amount of information we need from you at a minimum. Tenancy address, start date, deposit amount, landlord details and tenant details are all you need to register a deposit.
  • Our user report will give you a detailed breakdown of all your deposits, including when we received them, when and to whom they were repaid, and more - all to help with your reconciliations.
  • Do you have various members of staff using the same account? You can create alias user profiles, creating an audit of which staff member carried out various actions.
  • Has your tenant requested the deposit back before the end of the tenancy? At the click of a button you can note that the tenancy hasn’t ended, and we will cancel the tenant’s proposal.
  • Transfer all your deposits directly yourself with our bulk upload facility - no need to wait for a third party, simply use our upload button to import the details.

Client support

Our aim is to empower you with the tools you need to manage your deposit account yourself, and be there for you when you need more personalised help.

  • We have dedicated account managers just a phone call away. We are also happy to come to your office to give you face-to-face support.
  • We answer calls within 30 seconds. From September 2014 our call handlers will be sitting alongside the rest of the team, bringing you even better support and quicker escalations.
  • We respond to emails within 48 hours, and we aim for 24 hours.
  • When phoning isn’t convenient, why not contact us by Live Chat? We answer these in 3 seconds, and send you a transcript by email afterwards.
  • No email address for the tenant but have a mobile number? We send thousands of text messages every month.


Face-to-face support is a priority for us, and we like to give you as much direct support as possible. Please don't hesitate to contact us, should you wish to set up some personalised training.
  • We hold regular adjudication workshops all around Scotland, including advanced sessions for those who wish to build on their knowlege further.
  • We are happy to deliver training in your own offices, at a time that suits you. These personalised sessions can be tailored to take account of your own paperwork and procedures.
  • We publish monthly adjudication digests, where we take a new case, look at the evidence presented by the parties and the adjudicator's award and reasoning.
  • We make use of our Live Chat facility to offer online adjudication clinics every month. This is your opportunity to ask our adjudicators questions directly.


We offer a free, impartial alternative dispute resolution service to resolve deposit disputes. Our processes are transparent, and we regularly publish figures and statistics on the cases we handle.

  • Our adjudication administration team are on-hand to offer personal help, remotely or in person. From how to submit evidence, to the types of documents we are looking for, we can help.
  • We understand how hectic the lettings industry can be, so we give reminder calls and emails shortly before evidence deadlines so that you don't miss the chance to present your case.
  • Whether you would like more information on cleaning claims, or how to create an inventory, we have a guidance document to suit your needs.
  • We give examples of cases, including well-presented and poorly-presented cases, in order that you can learn from best and worst practice.