If your deposit is held by SafeDeposits, you need to follow the repayment steps below to claim your deposit back.

If you would prefer to watch a video, the repayment steps are also explained on our YouTube channel.

Before you begin

We sent you a welcome email or letter when your deposit was first transferred to us, which confirms:

  • The deposit account number (DAN) for your deposit
    You share this reference with your landlord, letting agent and anyone you live with;

  • The deposit repayment number (DRN) for your user account
    This is your personal password - don't share this with anyone;

  • Who the lead tenant for your deposit is
    This is the person responsible for entering or responding to a repayment request.

Step 1

After you move out, your landlord or letting agent will usually enter a repayment request through our website first. This will confirm if they want to give you your full deposit back, or if they want any paid to them.

We'll email you a copy of their request.

Step 2

You must log in to our website to complete the process: https://safedepositsscotland.com/tenant-information

If you're the lead tenant for your deposit, log in to your account and click the 'Respond to Proposal' option to agree or disagree with the request:

If you log in and can't see the 'Respond to Proposal' option, you're either not the lead tenant, or you've used the wrong deposit repayment number to log in:

If you're not the lead tenant, log in to your account and click the 'Edit Your Details' option to add your bank details:

If the lead tenant agrees with the request, we'll repay the deposit within five working days, using the bank details provided.

Starting the process

If the landlord or agent doesn't start the process, the lead tenant can log in and enter a repayment request first:

If you're not the lead tenant, you still need to log in to add your bank details. If you don't provide your bank details, we're unable to repay any amount due to you.

We'll email a copy of the lead tenant's request to the landlord or agent.

If the landlord or agent agrees, we'll repay the deposit within five working days.


If your landlord or agent wants to keep some or all of your deposit for reasons you think are unfair, the lead tenant can refer the repayment to our adjudication service. This means we'll ask you and your landlord or agent for further information about the tenancy. An impartial person will decide what repayment is fair based on that information.

You can find out more about our adjudication service, including the type of information we look for, on our website.

We also have a short video which explains how to provide information on our YouTube channel.

Further information

If you have any questions, or need your welcome email resent to you, please get in touch.