After the hectic Christmas period has passed us by, the New Year will be upon us and many will be thinking about making a change. Even though times are still tough, for many people this will mean looking for a new place to live, whether it's a new flat, house or even a new city. So we thought we'd take a look at what Scotland has to offer:


Scotland's capital is still one of the most desirable places to live for many people, despite the current economic situation. A fantastic city, it combines a bustling social scene with a beautiful surrounding area to provide the best of both worlds. It also helps that Edinburgh has the strongest UK economy outside of London, with tourism being a large employer in the area. The city also has easily accessible transport links by road, rail and air. Average Rental Price: £757


One of the largest towns in central Scotland, the Kingdom of Fife was actually Scotland's capital for hundreds of years. There is a wealth of history to be explored in the town and it is known for its golf courses, with St Andrews being the most well-known. An economic strategy for the town has the aim of increasing business and investment opportunities in the area, attracting people from various industries. Average Rental Price: £432


Although not the largest town in central Scotland by population, Stirling is seen as a regional centre and it's estimated that 55% of Scotland's population live within an hour of the town. It is known for its healthy economy and high quality of living, making it a desirable location for many people. Due to its location it is seen as a regional hub for business and logistics. Average Rental Price: £575


Scotland's biggest city, Glasgow offers the city life that many people crave while also being close to the Highlands and beaches for an instant escape. Glasgow offers opportunities in numerous sectors after recent development has attracted financial and life sciences companies, as well as the usual retail and tourism. Air, road and rail transport links are also easily accessible. Average Rental Price: £558


The largest city in North East Scotland, Aberdeen has a diverse nature, with the main city and surroundings towns and villages in the shire around it. Relatively traditional industries such as oil, gas and fishing are still common in the area while the rural surroundings are used for farming. And despite being in the North East of the country, the city still has excellent transport links. Average Rental Price: £945

Please Note: Rental prices are for two bedroom properties and are accurate as of December 2012.