Government legislation applies to all landlords that fall under the criteria specified in the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011. That means that even if there is more than one named landlord of the property, they are still liable for any deposit that is paid for that building. At SafeDeposits we aim to make the process for multiple landlords as simple as possible while still holding them all responsible.

All landlords of a tenancy will be jointly liable for the obligations of a landlord and the authority of one or more will be accepted as binding for others. This means that we do not require a lead landlord to be named, although one landlord will complete the registration process on behalf of the other(s). So while at least one landlord must register with SafeDeposits in order to comply with the legislation and protect a deposit, other landlords can register to be users of the service too.

During the registration process for landlord deposits, one landlord must register with SafeDeposits and provide their local authority details. During this process, joint landlords can be added along with their details so that we have all the necessary information on record.

When it comes to repaying or contesting a deposit where joint landlords are involved, one must be nominated to take care of and deal with the process. When we are repaying the tenancy deposit, we will look for one landlord who will handle the process on behalf of the others. This also applies to our dispute resolution service; one landlord should be chosen to manage the process on behalf of the others.

If joint landlords are named against a tenancy deposit, we will pay any money equally to each person. However, this arrangement can be changed if we receive written authorisation to do so that is signed by every landlord for the relevant property. We aim to make all of these processes as quick and as easy as possible but if you do have any queries please do feel free to contact us.