Three years ago the introduction of the Tenancy Deposit Schemes (Scotland) Regulations 2011 meant SafeDeposits Scotland was born with the purpose of protecting millions of pounds worth of deposits in the private rented sector.

This meant we had to convince a nation's landlords and letting agencies that SafeDeposits Scotland was the organisation they should entrust their deposits with.

So three years on, where are we?

Over 60% of Scotland's private rented sector has complied with the new rules and registered their deposits with an approved scheme although this means some have yet to comply, I personally think this is a big achievement in such a short space of time.

Of those who have complied, SafeDeposits has secured over 60% of the market some 63m worth of deposits which I also think is something to be celebrated.

But how did we do it and more importantly, how can we get even more landlords and letting agents onside?

We've found that the key to securing buy-in of the private rented sector is to focus more on the carrot than the stick. By that I mean it's about offering great service and adding real value to the rental process, and not relying purely on the rule book.

Yes, landlords are legally required to comply with the Regulations, but the approved deposit schemes out there ourselves included have an obligation to add value to landlords and letting agents and make it as easy as possible, which means doing more than just collecting the money.

It's about enhancing the experience of both the tenant and the landlord, providing a peace of mind that the money in this important transaction is safely protected and will be fairly returned or distributed. And it's about being there for both parties from the moment a landlord opens an account right through to a tenant moving out, whether there's a dispute over the money or not.

The process has to be hassle free and the dispute resolution service has to do what it says on the tin, namely resolve disputes, fairly and quickly.

In the space of three years we've become the most popular deposit scheme in Scotland not because landlords have no choice (as they do), but because we've been able to prove our worth to them.

Our customer service team handles over 4,000 calls a month from our Glasgow HQ, answering 94% of them within 30 seconds without using a script. This might sound simple but anyone who's ever dealt with a faceless voice in a call centre continually repeating the same line and not answering your question will testify to how counterproductive, not to mention annoying, it is.

There may yet be an argument for greater enforcement of the Regulations which the Scottish Government might need to consider, but I believe Scotland's private rented sector is on the right track to successfully self-policing this important issue and our landlords and letting agents are far more motivated by the carrot than the stick.