To win Third Sector Director of the Year at the Director of the Year Awards last night was a great personal achievement but it was not just about me.

The award was ultimately in recognition of the fantastic team of people I work with day-to-day, helping SafeDeposits Scotland become such a prominent business within the wider Scottish business community.

As the leading tenancy deposit scheme in Scotland, we are busy day to day to provide an exceptional service to approximately 60% of the market. With a dedicated landlord and letting agent team who are out and about on a daily basis to provide in-house training and attend industry events and a tenant team focused on providing information and support over the phone and face-to-face, it can be easy to forget to lift our heads and remember that what we all do together is about doing the right thing for the private rented sector.

I wish I could have bottled and shared how much respect and positive feedback we received at the Director of the Year Awards: from landlords coming up to say what a wonderful service we provide; tenants telling us we have taken the stress out of deposit repayments; charities super excited that we have taken a commercial business which will do good instead of keeping our profits for shareholders; and even politicians expressing their thanks. These are the people that matter most and why we come to work every day.

Our business model is envied because we are able to not only provide a great service to our users, but we can make a difference while doing it. Since our launch, we have been proud to say that SafeDeposits Scotland is the only not-for-profit tenancy deposit scheme in Scotland, but it is worth taking a moment to remember what this actually means: the interest generated from the deposits we hold which is surplus to paying our running costs will be gift-aided to the SafeDeposits Scotland Trust. The Trust will use this money to provide grants to support education, training and best practice in the private rented sector. Before the end of the month we will gift aid £100,000.

As our share of the market and the deposits we hold continues to increase, the interest generated on our funds - and therefore the surplus above our running costs - continues to increase, which means we are able to gift-aid more money to the Trust. In a few years that might even be £500,000.

The aim of SafeDeposits, as a not-for-profit organisation, is ultimately to improve education, training and best practice in the private rented sector. In fact, now that our start up loans have been paid off, in financial meetings the money generated above our running costs is always referred to as 'surplus', never 'profit'. It might sound very cheesy, but we are not here to make a profit, we are here to make a difference.

Genuinely, the award last night should make us all proud. I'm certainly really chuffed to lead this organisation, and to work to make that difference.