It is currently National BBQ Week (25th-31st May 2020), and while guests might be out of the question at the moment a barbeque at home is at least one summer tradition that some people can enjoy within the limits of lockdown. In fact, with restaurants, beer gardens, festivals and more off the cards at the moment, the opportunity to fire up the grill might be more appealing than ever. So with that in mind we've put together a few tips for tenants to consider when enjoying a barbeque at their rented property.

Let's start with the kit itself. If a barbeque was on the inventory when you moved in and you wish to try out your culinary magic with it, remember the golden rule that applies to everything in the property - at the end of the tenancy, leave it as you found it at the start. Before using the grill for the first time, make sure you know how to use it to avoid any accidental damage. After use, or at least before the tenancy ends, ensure you have cleaned the grill - just as you would the oven in the kitchen.

Be mindful of the surroundings. Your landlord could claim a deduction from your tenancy deposit for damage if a disposable barbeque scorches a patch on the lawn. And if the garden is left with other debris, such as paper plates or bottles in the flower beds, that could also lead to a cleaning or gardening claim. There may be other inventoried items that are useful for your al fresco eating, such as garden furniture - as with the BBQ grill, make sure they are left as they were found.

Last but not least, don't forget the impact on indoors of a barbeque. With windows ajar on warm days and doors open to ferry food in and out, traces of barbeque smoke will inevitably make their way inside. The smell can linger somewhat, so if you find it noticeable in the days following your barbeque, air rooms appropriately and use an air freshener where necessary.

With a decent weather forecast for much of Scotland this week, we hope that those who can have the opportunity for a safe and enjoyable BBQ at home this week.