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Key Matters magazine Issue 11 - February 2023

Click here to download this issue of Key Matters magazine, featuring:

SafeDeposits in Numbers

- The most recent figures from SafeDeposits Scotland

Have You Heard - the latest news from SafeDeposits Scotland and the wider private rented sector

- SafeDeposits Extends Opening Hours

- Changes to the Cost of Living (Tenant Protection) Act

- SafeDeposits Team Takes Part in Christmas Jumper Day

- Pub Quiz Raises Funds for Homelessness Charity

SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust

- Do you know of a project that could qualify for funding?

Problems Resolved

- Resolution Advisor Gurjit Deol shares one of SDS Resolve's success stories

The Basics...

- ...What you need to know about tenancy deposit protection

Household Hotspots

- The living room is the focus in this issue, as we look at problems that can arise, how they can be handled and prevented

Guest Feature: Citylets

- Citylets presents its Market Review for Q4 2022

Spotlight On...

- Edinburgh


Tenancy deposit scheme - SafeDeposits Scotland
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