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Free registration of tenancy deposits in Scotland from our offices in Glasgow.

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Disputes Surrounding Rent Arrears
Disputes Surrounding Rent Arrears
In 2018-19, 14% of disputes handled by SafeDeposits Scotland involved a claim for rent arrears - this was one of the less frequent types of claim made, with cleaning, damage and redecorating all representing higher percentages of overall disputes. But what sets rent arrears apart from other types of claim is the average amount claimed - at £397.63 in 2018-19 rent arrears had the highest average claim of all categories and this figure was over £180 more than the average claim for the second placed category, damage. So where does the issue of rent arrears fit into deposit deductions and the potential disputes that could arise from such deductions?
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Tenant Information

If you rent your home, you will probably have to pay a deposit. Your landlord or letting agent must transfer your deposit to a government approved scheme, like SafeDeposits Scotland, to keep it safe. This is the law in Scotland. They also have to tell you the name and contact details of the scheme. For more information, we have a short YouTube video which explains how tenancy deposit schemes work.

If a landlord fails to protect your deposit and/or provide the necessary information, you can apply to the First Tier Tribunal for financial sanctions. If the Tribunal is satisfied that the landlord has failed to comply, they may order the landlord to pay you up to three times the amount of the deposit. In addition they may order the landlord to transfer the deposit to a tenancy deposit scheme. You can apply to the First Tier Tribunal during the tenancy or up to three months afterwards.

After your landlord or letting agent transfers your deposit to SafeDeposits, we will send you a deposit account number (DAN) and deposit repayment number (DRN) by email or post. You can use these numbers to log in to our website to keep your contact details up-to-date and claim your deposit back when you move out. We also have a short YouTube video which explains how to get your deposit back

Partly funded by the SafeDeposits Scotland Charitable Trust and created and maintained by Shelter Scotland, the Renting Scotland website contains a wealth of information for both tenants and landlords in Scotland's private rented sector.

SafeDeposits Scotland is...

  • Approved by the Scottish Government
  • Scotland's leading tenancy deposit scheme
  • Backed by several leading Scottish organisations
  • Scottish based with an office and contact centre in Glasgow
  • Free to use

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DAN - this is your Deposit Account number which you will require to access your tenancy record or make a repayment application or response

DRN - this is your Deposit Repayment Number which you will require to access your tenancy record or make a repayment application or response

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