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Free registration of tenancy deposits in Scotland from our offices in Glasgow.

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March adjudication digest: Is the proposed charge avoidable?
The adjudication digest takes a recent decision by a SafeDeposits adjudicator and sets out the reasons behind it. We hope that you will find these digests informative in understanding how we reach our adjudication decisions. This blog post is for...
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Tenant Information

You need Tenancy Deposit Protection because...

By law, if you pay a deposit to your landlord or letting agent then they must protect it in a goverment-authorised tenancy deposit protection scheme. It applies to all landlords who are required to register as a landlord with their local authority, and includes most tenancy and occupancy agreements.

It was introduced to ensure that you are able to get your deposit back from your landlord or agent when you move out. SafeDeposits Scotland holds onto your deposit and in the event of a dispute will return it to either the landlord or tenant after independent adjudication.

Once your landlord has transferred your deposit to SafeDeposits Scotland, we will provide you with a Deposit Account Number (DAN) and a Deposit Repayment Number (DRN) so you can participate in the repayment process and check the status of your deposit in the event of a dispute.

Safe Deposits Scotland is...

  • A government authorised scheme
  • A non profit making organisation
  • Backed by several leading Scottish organisations
  • Scottish based with offices in Edinburgh and Glasgow


Follow our handy four point plan to make sure you keep your deposit SAFE - or download our Top Ten Tips to Surviving Student Life


Enter your DAN and DRN here to access the options available to you.


DAN - this is your Deposit Account number which you will require to access your tenancy record or make a repayment application or response

DRN - this is your Deposit Repayment Number which you will require to access your tenancy record or make a repayment application or response

If you have lost either your DAN or DRN please click here

If you have lost your DAN and DRN, please contact us

If you know your DAN but require your DRN, please click here

Please enter your details below using the surname as shown on the Tenancy agreement and the post code of the property at which you were the tenant